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Welcome to ODYLAB!

This is an academic web page for sharing my research results with anyone who may be interested. ODYLAB stands for Ocean Dynamics Laboratory, or for Ocean Dynamics in Matlab since I develop ocean models using the Matlab language. My current research interests include tsunamis, storm surges, tides, and general water level variations, all in the context of climate change, global warming and natural hazard.

The results presented herein are two web-based real-time simulation systems for the India-Pacific Oceans and for the North Atlantic Ocean respectively. Each of the system can simulate tsunami arrivals at one or several points of interest (POIs), with the source region located anywhere either in the India-Pacific Oceans or in the North Atlantic Ocean. One can perform various tsunami propagation experiments by first specifying an arbitrary polygon for a source, and then choosing one or several points of interest; a window will then pop up in a few seconds, showing a 12-hour time series of arrival curve(s) at the point(s) of interest.

As my research work progresses, there will be more content added to this page; for example, I plan to include a new type of tsunami chart which will not assume that the location of a future earthquake epicentre is known, nor will it resort to optical ray path reversibility. Forecasting and hind-casting of storm surges will also be added in the near future.

Keywords: ODYLAB, Real-time Tsunami Simulation, Storm Surges, Tides, Water Level Variations.


Zhigang Xu, Ph.D.
email: zhigang.xu@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Research Scientist
Modelling and Operational Oceanography
Canadian Hydrographical Service
Quebec Region
Maurice Lamontagne Institute
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Associate Professor
Institute of Ocean Science in Rimouski
University of Quebec at Rimouski

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